League of Legends Learning and Improving

Hello, I am a high elo league of legends player that owns a services website. We primarily do elo boosting and coaching services. On this website, I will focus my attention on teaching you, the players just how to become a significantly better league of legends player. First, a short overview of how it now works. Basically instead of having an elo number that you can compare to virtually any other player, the device now works a lot more like the ranked systems present in other games such as warcraft 3, starcraft, and call of duty. you will be positioned in a division within a tier within a league.

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Since We have experience as an elo booster, I have experienced every rating bracket first hand. I realize that in each bracket, a different skill set is needed. In Bronze rating, your mechanical skills is supposed to be what make or break the game. Within each league is 5 tiers. You must climb through all of the tiers by winning games until you reach the following league. You can easily not be demoted from a league but can easily be demoted from a tier within a league (right down to tier 5). When you win or lose games you gain or lose “league points.” when you reach 100 league points you may be permitted to start a “promotion series. This is why if you are ever in need you can always resort to a Reliable Elo improving ¬†Service ” This series is 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 dependent on if you are going up a tier or a league.


If you win this series you move up, if you lose it you drop down to between 60 and 90 points within your current tier. You will be demoted from a tier so long as you aren’t in tier 5 if you lose too many games while having 0 points. I’m not sure they’ve released an exact method in which this might be calculated. Since every player in this rating is mechanically sound, it takes your leadership to close out of the game before the enemy team has a chance to come back via their team composition of this throws of the teammates or you can simply get lol training¬†I am hoping you found this article informative and make certain to check out a lol boosting site that I work on if you want more personalized coaching. Thanks for reading and hopefully I am going to have another article for you soon! It is known that this balances out and possibly even reverses in the platinum and diamond tiers, but there are extremely few players in those tiers at this stage, as all players had been moved down to gold to begin season 3.


The one problem I personally have with this system is its coding which allows it to “put the clamps” on players who win too many games in a row. If you should be winning lots of games in a row, say 8 or so, the system will begin awarding you 1 league point per win, rather than something similar to 20 Just the same way I was taught at elitist-gaming with their arena gladiator boost in wow. Simply because it believes so it has somehow misplaced you according to the MMR (that is this new hidden rating).

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SO, for some reason, rather than the game realizing you should be in a higher league or tier and rewarding you for beating your peers, it instead decides to provide you with minimal gains unless you lose and it may re-figure where to adjust your hidden elo to making sure that you’ve got opponents of the identical skill level.

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